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Mr. Stevenson has been teaching instrumental lessons for over 35 years.  He teaches all the woodwinds, harp, dulcimer, and beginner mandolin and guitar.  

Adult lessons are his specialty, as he seeks to bring the enjoyment of playing a musical instrument to those who did not take up an instrument as a child.

The folk harp is of special interest to Brian as he seeks to bring it to a wider audience, both as performer and teacher.  Many people are unaware that they can learn to play the harp in a smaller and cheaper version than the pedal (orchestral) harp.  The enjoyment of playing the folk harp is immediate; a lovely sound is produced by the plucking of the strings, no waiting after years of study to hear a lovely sound!  Brian teaches for the enjoyment of the instrument with enough music theory to open a world of possibilities to the student.  Private lessons, group lessons and ensembles available.  A limited amount of harps are available for rent, and orders may be taken for rent to own/purchase (see the Luthier page).

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